The section of the Grande Rota Caminho do Atlântico - Rede Natura do Oeste which is in the municipality of Torres Vedras has a length of 21 km, developing along the coast of Torriense.

Cliffs, extensive sands, intertidal areas, rivers, volcanic chimneys, marine and waders' avifauna, agricultural landscapes and historical and religious heritage are elements that can be seen along this section. It should be noted that the Great Route of the Natura Network of the West is inserted in the Great European Route E9, which starts in Saint Petersburg (in Russia) and ends in Cabo de São Vicente. Being a linear route, it has as extreme points the beach of Assenta and Cabo Carvoeiro (located in the municipality of Peniche), thus also crossing the coast of the municipality of Lourinhã. Course characteristics · Location: Torres Vedras, Lourinhã and Peniche · Type of route: Grande Rota · Scope: Ecological-Landscape · Starting point: Assenta Sul - Torres Vedras · Arrival point: Cabo Carvoeiro - Peniche · Distance: 69.5 km · Duration: 3 days · Degree of difficulty: Easy · Maximum quota reached: 95 meters (Montoito) · Minimum quota reached: 5 meters (Peralta)