Starting and ending at Parque Verde da Ponte, in Ponte do Rol, the Water Route invites visitors to visit various sites related to this essential asset for human life and communities, constituting a small circular route with a total of 18 km.

Along the way you can visit places such as the Largo Álvaro da Ponte spout, the Fonte das Adegas, the lavadouros, the "Poço da Ti Rita", the "Poço do Paraíso" (in Ponte do Rol), the Fontainha da Galegueira ( in the Alto do Seixinho area), the Casal Galinha river, the Gondruzeira fountain, the Casal Malacas public well, the Ribeira de Monzebro, the Arabian well of Gibraltar, the mines and water reservoirs in Casal da Serra, the “ Poço de Benfica ”, the“ Poço Velho ”(also in this last location), the Sizandro river and the daughter-in-law and the Poço da Escola (next to the EN9).

On the Water Route, you can also enjoy other elements of the natural and cultural heritage of the parish of Ponte do Rol. Walkers will be able to visit places such as the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição and Forte do Grilo, as well as enjoy the panoramic view of the Casal do Telhadouro area.

Course characteristics · Location:
- County: Torres Vedras
- Town: Ponte de Rol

· Type of route: Circular

· Starting point: Parque Verde da Ponte

· Total distance: 18 km

· Accumulated gaps:
- Maximum altitude: 91 m
- Minimum altitude: 11 m
- Accumulated ascent: 305 m

· Duration: 4h30

· Degree of difficulty: Easy

· Recommended season: All year

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