The Rota das Quintas is a circular route that develops in the area of ​​São Domingos de Carmões, covering essentially rural areas, with emphasis on the wine landscapes that predominate there.

Farms, fountains, eucalyptus trees, agricultural landscapes, the Serra de Montejunto and religious heritage are some of the interesting elements that can be seen along the Route of the Quintas, which passes through Braçal, Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Milagres, Alfeiria, Carrasqueira and Corujeira. With the starting and ending point of the pole of São Domingos de Carmões of the Junta da Freguesia da União de Freguesias de Carvoeira and Carmões, this route offers two routes: one with a length of 15 km and the other with 8 km.

Course characteristics

· Location:
- County: Torres Vedras
- Parishes of Carvoeira and Carmões and Dois Portos e Runa

· Type of route: Circular

· Departure and arrival point: Building of the Parish Council of the Parish of Carvoeira and Carmões of São Domingos de Carmões

· Distance: 15 km

· Accumulated gaps: 435 m

· Altitude:
- Maximum: 300 m
- Minimum: 105 m

· Duration: 4 hours

· Degree of difficulty: Medium

· Recommended season: All year

· Cartography: Topographic chart 1: 25.000 Series M888 nº: 375

Bearing in mind the permanent possibility of vandalism of the pedestrian route signaling, guidance is recommended through complementary means (leaflet or gps).

- Download do folheto (PDF)