With a distance of 22 km and with its starting point close to the Church of Santa Maria Madalena, in Turcifal, the Rota dos Encantos provides pedestrians to enjoy the urban beauty of this location, as well as the rurality that surrounds it.

Places such as the Dolce CampoReal project, Cadriceira, the forts of Archeira, Feteira and Catefica, the Local Protected Landscape of the Serra do Socorro and Archeira, Furadouro, Figueiredo, Mugideira and Semineira are part of the itinerary of this walking trail which has a length of 22 km.

Along the way you can also observe religious heritage, farms, vineyards, golf courses and eucalyptus trees.

It is worth mentioning the view provided at the top of the Serra do Socorro, a place that was the main point of observation of the Lines of Torres Vedras, where the centenary Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Socorro is located and from where you can observe from the sea to the Ribatejo lezíria.

Course characteristics · Location:
- County: Torres Vedras
- Parishes: Turcifal, Union of Parishes of Dois Portos e Runa, Santa Maria, São Pedro and Matacães

· Type of route: Circular

· Departure and arrival points:
- Turcifal: Next to the Igreja Matriz
- Serra do Socorro
- Figueiredo: Interpretative Center of the Protected Landscape Area of ​​the Serra do Socorro and Archeira

· Total distance: 22 km

· Altitude:
- Maximum: 395 m
- Minimum: 50 m

· Accumulated ascent: 725 m · Total duration: 5 hours · Degree of difficulty: Medium · Recommended season: All year · Cartography: Military Letter from Portugal, on the scale 1 / 25.000, Series M888, sheet nº 374, 375 and 389, from the Instituto Geográfico do Exercito.

ATTENTION: This route does not have signs on the ground. It is only possible to do it using map (leaflet) or GPS guidance.

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