The section of the Grande Rota das Linhas de Torres that is in the municipality of Torres Vedras has a length of 112 kilometers, is formed by two circular sections and allows to know the main buildings of this defensive system located in the Municipality, as well as natural and cultural resources of the same.

The Great Route of the Lines of Torres Vedras (GR 30), is a pedestrian route created within the scope of the Historical Route of the Lines of Torres Vedras, which covers the territory of the six municipalities: Arruda dos Vinhos, Loures, Mafra, Sobral de Monte Agraço, Torres Vedras and Vila Franca de Xira.

The Torres Vedras municipality section extends through hills and valleys, traditional paths and sections of military roads, with some unevenness to overcome, allowing walkers to know the main buildings of the Lines of Torres Vedras, as well as the natural, cultural and heritage resources of the city. territory.

Course characteristics

· Location:
- County: Torres Vedras
-Parishes: Union of Parishes of Carvoeira and Carmões, Union of Parishes of Dois Portos and Runa, Santa Maria, São Pedro and Matacães, Union of Parishes of Maxial and Monte Redondo, Ponte do Rol, Silveira , S. Pedro da Chair, Turcifal and Ventosa

· Type of route: Mixed (linear and circular)

· Departure and arrival points:
- Fort of S. Vicente (Torres Vedras)
- Foz do Rio Sizandro
- Parque Verde da Várzea (Torres Vedras)
- Serra do Socorro

· Total distance: 112 Km (This distance considers connection to the Sobral de Monte Agraço section and Mafra section and the connection from Forte do Grilo to Estrada Militar, in the Bonabal area)

· Split distances:
- 29km | São Vicente Fort> Ordasqueira Fort> Serra do Socorro
- 17km | Serra do Socorro> Castro do Zambujal> Fort of São Vicente
- 21km | São Vicente Fort> Grilo Fort> Foz do Rio Sizandro
- 26km | Foz do Rio Sizandro> Castro do Zambujal> Fort of São Vicente

· Accumulated gaps: 2,350 m
· Altitude:
- Maximum: 395 m
- Minimum: 5 m

· Duration: 2 days (entire section)

· Degree of difficulty: Medium/High

· Recommended season: All year

· Cartography: Topographic chart 1: 25.000, series M 888 nos 374, 375 and 389

The section between the EN9 and Serra do Barrigudo (Runa - Aldeia Nossa Srª da Glória) is interrupted. The alternative is indicated in the links below. Bearing in mind the permanent possibility of vandalism of the pedestrian route signaling, guidance is recommended through complementary means (leaflet or gps).

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Forte de São Vicente – Foz

Serra do Socorro