The Eco Caminho do Sizandro links Torres Vedras to the towns of Foz (18 km) and Santa Cruz (21 km). Most of it runs on wide, well-compacted roads with little elevation, and can be done either on foot or by bicycle.

Torres Vedras - Foz do Sizandro - Santa Cruz

Maximum extension: 21.3 km (Torres Vedras - Santa Cruz)
Degree of difficulty: medium / low

The Eco Caminho do Sizandro is duly signposted. However, guidance is advised by consulting the leaflet or by GPS equipment.

Torres Vedras - Foz

In about 19 kilometers, this Ecopista connects the Regional Exhibition Park to Foz do Rio Sizandro. Most of them use wide, well-compacted roads with little difference in height.

The route, which can be done either on foot or by mountain bike, has some resting places and crosses the towns of Ribeira de Pedrulhos, Ponte do Rol, Bordinheira and Aranha which have cafes and other support facilities.


Torres Vedras - Santa Cruz

Up to kilometer 16, the route coincides with the section that ends at Foz. After the diversion, the path continues to rise slightly towards Praia Azul.

Until Santa Cruz, the Eco Caminho runs along the top of the cliffs, passing through Alto da Vela, ending at Praia Formosa after 21.3 km.

A little earlier, next to the access to Praia das Amoeiras, there is the section of access to the Bike Path that links Santa Cruz to Porto Novo.



Drive with caution.
The Sizandro Eco-Path is not closed to traffic.
Observe traffic rules for pedestrians and bicycles.
Respect private property
Don't take anything but pictures.
Leave nothing but footprints.