This territory is a destination par excellence for the practice of nature tourism and can be visited on foot or by bicycle through the various routes that cross it.

PPLSSA stands out from the surrounding in terms of relief and is composed of the Serra do Socorro and Archeira, Serra da Galharda and Serra do Monte Deixo. This area is a place where there are elements with heritage value in natural, historical, cultural and landscape terms.

In the natural heritage, we highlight the vegetable structures with enclosures (areas with oak-cerquinho) and thickets, agricultural and forest mosaic and riparian structures (i.e. from the margin of water courses) in several equilibrium stages, where orchids frequently occur. In terms of flora, it is worth mentioning the existence of species with legal protection status such as narcissus and yellow lily and plants with a high patrimonial value, such as rose and thyme. As for fauna, it is worth mentioning the diversity of species of small mammals, butterflies and birds. In the area it is possible to see fossils from the Upper Cretaceous and fossil trunks, of scientific, museological and didactic interest.