Ordered to be erected at the end of the 15th century by D. Afonso V, in fulfillment of a vow he had made to Santo António to assist him in the conquests of North Africa, the modest convent has undergone several restoration and improvement works over the centuries.

In the galilee, we highlight the primitive Mudejar decoration on the ceiling and the large ogival door of the church, flanked by the royal weapons and the emblem of the founding monarch, as well as the chapel of N. Sra. contrasting with polychrome marble.

In the cloister, in Gothic style and embraced by a century-old wisteria, there is a beautiful Manueline portico decorated with large finials and access to the House of the Chapter and Church, whose interior is lined with 17th century tiles. XVIII, highlighting the unique richness of the baroque carved altarpiece, in white and gold, flanked by four Solomonic columns.


Alameda Dr. José Pedro Ferreira, Varatojo


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